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Residential Roof Repair

Have you noticed that the shingles on your roof are beginning to curl? Do you have a broken gutter or a dank smell in your attic? Have you seen watermarks on the ceiling? It’s time to call a roof repair expert.

If you suspect roof damage in your home, don’t wait for the issue to get worse. Your roof is your home shield against the elements, and it must be in tip-top shape. For residential roof repair, get in touch with our highly qualified general contractors now.

Call (954) 993-6757 for unparalleled residential roof service today — (954) 993-6757.

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Roof Repair Inspection

To give you highly accurate and relevant residential roof repair, we must first get an understanding of the issue at hand. Every residential roof repair is different. When you make that first call, we will arrive at your home, equipped to conduct a thorough roof inspection.

We will inspect the top of your roof, and the inside of your home, to get a real understanding of the damage and the root of the issue. From there, we can come up with a repair plan and put it into motion right away.

Honest Estimates

We’ll calculate the materials and time expected to complete your roof repair. We offer realistic and industry-approved rates for high-quality craft and products.  No extra charge for a perfect job on the first go, it’s just what we do.

Are you worried about a leaky or damaged roof? Don’t wait! Get in touch with us today. 

Roof Leak Repair Specialists

Roof leaks require immediate repair because of how damaging water infiltration can be. Not only can it wreak havoc on your roof, but also, once water seeps through to the inside, home issues begin to escalate. 

Water infiltration can lead to:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Rot
  • Weakening of foundation
  • Damage to belongings inside the home

Our roofing contractors conduct a roof inspection and zero in on every hole, crack, and opening allowing moisture in.  From there, we can assess the damage and the scale of repair needed.

Roof Repair Services

We Prioritize Safety

Once on the roof, we work carefully and efficiently, while prioritizing the safety of ourselves and your home. Our trusted, professional services are guided by our knowledge and experience, and we work to deliver your repairs on budget and schedule. 

The roof repair services we offer include:

  • Shingle repair replacement
  • Leak repair
  • Skylight damage
  • Chimney removal
  • Repairs from ice, hail, wind, trees, debris
  • Gutter repairs and cleaning
  • Ventilation repairs and cleaning
  • Nail replacement
  • Tile replacement
  • Valley repairs
  • Flashing

Roof Repair Company: Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are proud to host a team of respectful, honest, hardworking roof repair experts. We bring positivity and respect to every worksite. We are punctual and will arrive at your home fully prepared to complete the job.

Call the Trusted Roof Repair Contractor Today

By delivering fast, effective, and high-quality services, Meraki Design & Construction, LLC has become the most trusted roof repair company in the area. We are proud of the excellent customer care that we provide our clients, and we strive to improve our service every day.

If you’re looking for rapid relief from roof leaks and damages, get in touch with us today!

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